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    JANUARY 2020

    • The National Feast of the Epiphany, Urbania
      4/6 January

    Event for the whole family and in particular for children, it is one of the oldest event in Italy, dedicated to the famous broom-riding old lady with crooked nose and broken shoes.

    FEBRUARY 2020

    • The Carnival of Fano, Fano
      09-16-23 February 

    The Carnival of Fano is one of the ancient carnivals in Italy, together with that of Venice.

    • Truffle Carnival, Acqualagna
      23 February

    Typical Carnival of Acqualagna, where truffle is the absolute protagonist. During the event there are also live music, dancing, entertainments and cuisine based on truffle. 

    • Carnival of Urbino, Urbino
      20/25 February

    Various masked groups with the parade of the districts partecipate actively to the colorful Carnival, that takes place among the place and the narrow streets of Urbino. 

    MARCH 2020

    • Trade Show of the "Bianchetto" truffle, Fossombrone
      7-8, 14-15 and 21-22 March

    Event that transforms Fossombrone in a “city of taste”, where partecipants have the possibility to taste local gastronomic specialities and dishes prepared with “Bianchetto” truffle.

    • San Giuseppe's Fair, Urbania
      22 March

    Also known as “Late winter fair”, it takes place in the center of Urbania and brings together more than 150 exhibitors. Partecipants can also discover all the typical local products around the restaurants and shops of the city. 

    APRIL 2020

    • Palio della Rana, Fermignano
      Date to be defined

    Town event characteristic for the race with frogs on wheelbarrows, held amongst the seven districts of the town. During the event there are also craft markets, antique shows, battle simulations and dramatic fire shows, flag-wavers, jugglers, historical procession of the Ducal Court of Urbino and so much more. 

    • Sagra della Tagliatella, Fermignano
      Date to be defined

    In addition to the excellent gastronomy to taste, this typical town event offers live music bands and guaranteed fun.

    • San Marco's Fair, Urbania
      25 April

    During this event the streets of the historic center of Urbania are transformed into an exhibition of floriculture, food and wine craft and local agriculture.  

    MAY 2020

    • Homemade Ice Cream Festival, Pesaro
      Date to be defined

    Ice Cream makers from all over the world will let you taste numerous and various Ice Cream flavors and many workshops will be organized for children.

    • International Festival of "brodetto", Fano
      30 April, 01-02-03 May

    Cooking show, music, conferences, cooking lessons, tasting, courses and games: during the International Festival of “Brodetto” or fish soup many activities take place to entertain children and adults!

    • The Triumph of the Carnival, Fossombrone
      Date to be defined

    The historical center of Fossombrone comes alive with historic games among the twelve quarters, craft markets, spectacular street entertainments, partecipants in Renaissance clothing, courtly tournament and so much more.  

    • Snail Festival, Pianello di Cagli
      Date to be defined

    Event focused on typical local dishes: snails “in porchetta”, polenta and skewers with snails. During the event there are also entertainments for children, stands with typical products and live music.

    • Baia Beer Fest, Pesaro
      29-30-31 May / 1-2 June

    Four days full of truck food (local and international food), tasting of beer and live music with the best Tribute bands.  

    JUNE 2020

    • Pesaro Wine Festival, Pesaro
      6-7 June

    Pesaro Wine Festival proposes an event programm rich of concerts, educational seminars for experts and enthusiasts and a fair, where partecipants have the possibility to taste and buy local wines.

    • White Midnight for children, Pesaro
      5-6-7 June

    The White Midnight for Children is a great event dedicated to children. Until midnight, more than 200 events and entertainments take place in the city to amuse children and their families.

    • Europa Street Food Festival, Pesaro
      26-27-28 June

    The event takes place in Pesaro and is dedicated to the gourmet street food of many prestigious chefs: actors and restaurateurs propose many gastronomic specialities from their mobile kitchens.  

    JULY 2020

    • Fiesta Global, Montefabbri
      Date to be defined

    Three days of live concerts and performances by street artists, a program with over 100 performances all over the streets of the town.

    • Burattini Opera Festival, Pesaro
      Date to be defined

    Event dedicated to show and theater, full of music, puppet, marionette, toys and other objects that come alive and animate the atmosphere. 

    • Fano dei Cesari, Fano
      Date to be defined

    Every year this historical re-enactment remembers the Roman origins of Fano city, event that involves children and adults.

    • The Siege of the Castle, Gradara
      25-26 July

    Two days of costumed historical re-enactments with battle and duels scenes that are reminescent of those epoch moments.

    • Summer Jamboree, Senigallia
      29-30-31 July / 9 August

    International Musical Festival focused on ‘40s and ‘50s music.


    AUGUST 2020

    • Palio storico Giuoco dell'Oca, Cagli
      Date to be defined

    Traditional event that opens with the historical parade and culminates with the challenge, inside the arena of Sant’Emidio, among the four quarters of Cagli, that compete for the trophy. 

    • Feast of the Duke, Urbino
      Date to be defined

    For a few days in August the city of Urbino hosts artisians and merchants, stands and Renaissance gardens, typical local dishes, musical, dance and street performances, historical processions, entertainments for children, workshops, expositions, historic markets and many other activities that animate the ducal city of Urbino.

    • Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro
      8/21 August

    Every year the Opera Music Festival takes place in Pesaro, native city of the famous composer Gioacchino Rossini.

    SEPTEMBER 2020

    • Festa dell'Aquilone, Urbino
      5-6 September

    During this event dedicated to kites, ten city “Contrada” (districts) towns engage in a colorful and spectacular competition that involves and appassionates children and adults.

    • Gran Premio of Biciclo ottocentesco, Fermignano
      11-12-13 September 

    Event in which the seven districts of the town compete in a race with particular bicycles, contending for the “Gold Bicycle”. Added attractions at the event are exhibitions, typical food and wine tasting, dancing, music, stands, historical parade and so on.  

    • Sagra del Crostolo, Urbania
      Date to be defined

    Town event dedicated to a typical local food: visitors can taste the “crostolo” accompained by good wine from Marche or craft bier and children can have fun by taking part to organized activities.


    • Truffle and Wood Products Trade Show, Apecchio
      Date to be defined

    Event focused on truffle and wood products, also characterized by the opening of the wine cellars in the historic center of Apecchio, where partecipants can taste local food and wine.  

    • White Truffle Fair, Sant'Angelo in Vado
      Date to be defined

    The White Truffle Fair of Sant’Angelo in Vado is the oldest truffle fair in Italy, after that of Alba.

    • International Motorcycle rally of the truffle, Sant'Angelo in Vado
      Date to be defined

    The International Motorcycle rally is with no doubt one of the most awaited events for bikers in autumn, event that brings together centaurs from all over the world and welcomes them in the historical burg of Sant’Angelo in Vado.  

    • Chestnut Festival, Lunano
      Date to be defined

    Event dedicated to the traditional chestnuts, harvested on Monte della Croce: accompained by wine or used to prepare desserts, the visitors of the event have the possibility to taste this typical local product and enjoy shows and music all around the town.

    • San Luca's Fair, Urbania
      Date to be defined

    Ancient and famous fair of Urbania, it is typically known as “fair of the women” and mostly reserved for home purchases.  

    • National White Truffle Fair, Acqualagna
      25, 31 October and 1, 7, 8, 14, 15 November

    The National White Truffle Fair of Acqualagna offers a programm rich of events, gastronomic and cultural performances and also great guests from the entertainment world.



    • Candles in Candelara, Candelara
      Date to be defined

    Candles in Candelara is one of the most awaited local Christmas market in Italy: the traditional appointment with bright candles of every form and color creates in Candelara a special atmosphere.

    • Duke of Urbino Winter Festival, Urbino
      Date to be defined

    On the occasion of this event, in the historical center of Urbino takes place the living Renaissance nativity scene, accompained by many historical re-enactments, parades, fire shows, music, entertainment for children and stands with local products and gastronomic specialities.


    • La via dei Presepi, Urbino
      8 December / 6 January

    Every year a few hundered Nativity scene exhibitions take place in over 30 places through the streets, the churches and the shops of Urbino.

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