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    A few steps from Agriturismo San Giuseppe guests can visit the beautiful nearby cities and discover their histories, cultures and typical gastronomic traditions: Urbania, Urbino, Sant’Angelo in Vado and Acqualagna and many others. 


    Just 10 minutes drive from the farmhouse, Urbania is a beautiful city crossed by the Metauro river and characterized by its streets, historical buildings and different churches, where authentic masterpieces are kept. The city has had three different names, from “Castel delle Ripe” and “Casteldurante” (after its destruction by Ghibellines and the subsequent reconstruction), to its current name “Urbania”. “Casteldurante” is with no doubt the name that made the city famous throughout the world for the artistic quality of its potteries, that today are kept in the most prestigious museums of the world.  

    Urbania was also chosen as summer residence by the noble family Montefeltro of Urbino: they spent their summer time in the ancient Ducal Palace and in the imposing renaissance structure known as Barco Ducale, dwellings brilliantly designed by the architects of the time Francesco di Giorgio Martini and Girolamo Genga.  

    Unmissable places in Urbania are the Civic Museum and the Diocese Museum, the Biblioteca, the beautiful Town Hall and the Episcopal Palace, the Bramante theatre and the suggestive Church of the Dead that contains intact mummies.  
    Not to be forgotten is also the fact that Urbania is the official hometown of the Epiphany: in january, to celebrate the feast of the Epiphany, the city centre transforms into “il Paese dei Balocchi” (the Pleasure Island), to the great delight of adults and children, with musical and artistic exhibitions, entertainment for children, magicians and market with local, gastronomical and hand made products.  


    1. Ducal Palace and Barco Ducale 
    2. Churches and Oratories 
    3. Civic Museum and Biblioteca 
    4. Diocese Museum  
    5. The Museum of the history of Agricultural and Handcrafts 
    6. Bramante Theatre 
    7. Church of the Dead 

    Sant’Angelo in Vado 

    Sant’Angelo in Vado, whose ancient name was “Tifernum Metaurense”, is located just 15 minutes by car from Agriturismo San Giuseppe. It conserves many valuable archeological treasures, as for example the Domus Aurea (a Roman villa with intact mosaics), and its ancient centre is characterized by churches with engraved portals, renaissance buildings and medieval streets. 

    Sant’Angelo in Vado is today known as the capital of the prized white truffle, one of its most important products, besides the local D.O.P. meats. In October an important and famous trade fair of white truffle takes place in the town centre. 


    1. “I vecchi mestieri” Museum 
    2. Civic Museum  
    3. Municipal art gallery 
    4. Churches: San Filippo, Santa Caterina delle Bastarde, Santa Maria dei Servi, the Cathedral, Santa Chiara 


    Situated just 20 minutes drive from Agriturismo San Giuseppe, the city of Urbino is a jewel of architecture, listed as Unesco World Heritage Site and famous for its Ducal Palace, the “città palazzo” that was the court of Duke Federico da Montefeltro and that housed the major artists of the time. The complex architecture of the Ducal Palace with its typical “torricini”, oriented towards Massa Trabaria, was designed by the Dalmatian architect Luciano Laurana, followed by the Sienese architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini.  

    Inside the Ducal Palace of Urbino is situated the National Gallery of the Marche, which contains numerous masterpieces of Raffaello Sanzio, Piero della Francesca, Tiziano, Signorelli, Barocci and many other important authors and artists.  

    Walking around the narrow and steep streets of the city tourists can discover ancient oratories, as the “Duomo” cathedral, the churches with Gothic portal and the beautiful botanical garden.  

    Finally, from the roof of the fort Albornoz visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the historic centre and the surrounding hills. In August the city lives the luxury of the court of Urbino with a wonderful historical re-enactment, during which knightly tournaments, dressed exhibitions and performances of particular events occurred at the time of the Duke Federico take place.  


    1. Ducal Palace and historical centre  
    2. Cathedral 
    3. Helicoidal ramp of Francesco di Giorgio Martini 
    4. Dukes’ Mausoleum 
    5. Albornoz Fort 
    6. National Gallery of the Marche region 
    7. Archeological Museum  
    8. Albani Museum 
    9. Churches and oratories 
    10. Native house of Raffaello 
    11. Botanical garden 


    Located 28 minutes from Agriturismo San Giuseppe, Acqualagna is known in Italy as “the capital of the Truffle”, seen its centuries-old tradition of research, production and sale of truffle: in the city take place different events related to this prestigious gastronomic product, including the National white Truffle Fair in October and November.  

    The city of Acqualagna is situated near “La Gola del Furlo”, a natural reserve where unsploilt nature and breathtaking view predominate. Thanks to its geographic position, it offers the possibility to enjoy walking, cycling or horse riding, both in summer and in winter. Acqualagna is also rich of historical and religious elements: museums, archeological sites, religious places and artistic, historical and spiritual itineraries make the city a perfect combination of culture and nature. 


    1. “La Gola del Furlo” State Natural Reserve 
    2. Walks through the amazing landscape of “La Gola del Furlo” 
    3. Museum of the territory “Lorenzo-Mannozzi-Torini" 
    4. The golden eagle’s nest 
    5. Adventure Park of Furlo 
    6. Abbey of San Vincenzo 
    7. Antiquarium Pitinum Mergens 
    8. Truffle research and harvest 
    9. Native house of Enrico Mattei
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